Street Racers

For years we have been bringing you the best news on the latest hot rods winning hearts and minds on the street circuits around the Bristol area.
We are dedicated to bringing you honest and up to date news and events so that you can easily get to watch the latest action and the most exciting races in the region. All we ask you to do is keep us on social media and promote us to your friends.
The team here consist of 5 people who travel also to the events and give you coverage which is first hand and without bias.
You can contact us by sending email or SMS or calling us if it’s urgent. We are here to be the best news and events fight group on the street.
Our founder in 2010 decided that he had delivered news in the best way possible and left us last year with a very big gap in our team. We have managed to fill that gap left by him with a brand new young and exciting membership and mobile phone reporting system.
This makes video and photos upload to the website the fastest in the industry so that Bristol street fights will be almost real-time coverage.
Try to make us your first choice for street racer reporting. We deserve your attention.
You can submit suggestions anytime to improve our system and website by sending an email to the website email address.

Any drag racing on the street is our business to report it. Don’t be shy. And we respect anyone identity. You can even send us news without us knowing who you are.

Never fear Bristol Street fights will always bring excitement to your night.