Karina worked for London escort agency PalaceVIP for 6 years as she could not find a job which suited her. She struggled at school and dropped out of university citing financial hardship as the main reason and started working as an escort in London.
At the beginning, she was having fun and realised it really made her a lot of money. But after several years she realised she was not happy and the money was not as good as when she started. Karina looked at other career options and even trialled a number of career options.
In the end, she decided to get her Heavy Vehicle Driver and Operator License because it was well paid and actually she said its a lot of fun. Moving earth using heavy machines is a lot of fun. It feels good to be connected to the land and to be part of building new things. its a healthy way of life emotionally and financially.
Astro is a great company to work with and it simply a fresh start for me. A very different type of work from being an escort in London. I learned a lot from doing that job for 5 years. But it was simply time to learn something else.
Astro earth moving company supplies earth for building projects high end commercial ventures and residential projects. Astro company also moves the earth out of sites and stores it in huge commercial storage lots so it can use that earth for projects.
Revenues are based on removing earth storing earth and delivery of earth to various projects and has been very successful at it for many years.
Karina has high hopes for her future with Astro as she has a good relationship with the board of the company has feels that her advancement options are very good. After 2 years she has been promised a promotion to team leader and training if her work quality is maintained to a high standard.
An interesting point is that escort agency PalaceVIP paid for Karinas HGV driver course to assist her in her new career as they have a women’s support program designed to assist girls who want to leave the industry and learn new skills. It’s nice to see such support for women. Its such leadership that should be respected and praised by us all.
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