In 1991, the famed Capcom first released the Street Fighter II: The World Warrior and this series still rules the fighting game arena 24 later. Why? While there are many reasons, it goes without a saying that Street Fighter II laid the most robust foundation of all possible foundations.

Here is what you probably didn’t know about Street Fighter II.

1. It’s named after a violent Japanese martial arts film

This fighting game as created and named in honour of the 1974 martial arts film Clash, Killer Fist (also known as The Street Fighter for American release). The film starred renaissance performer ‘Sonny’ Shinichi Chiba and as the first receive a United States theatrical rating X for violence.

2. The game’s ground-breaking combo systems originated from a bug

The first Street Fighter game featured special moves but wasn’t advertised by Capcom. Thus, the only way to learn about the game was from other players. Enhancing these moves required frame-perfect timing. During the development of the Street Fighter II, it was decided that if the fighting moves were easier to perform, it would enhance the game and make more of a sill rather than luck.

Thus, the programmers improved the number of frames and allowed between inputs, offering the players slight leeway in punching options. However, this had a limitation of creating combos, allowing a player to do crouching kicks while punching.

3. It was the first fighting game to provide choice of characters with unique moves

In the initial game, you could play from the perspective of a default character and in Street Fighter, the default character was Ryu. However, the Street Fighter II, a player could select from a range of characters to play. These characters had unique fighting stats, backgrounds, and special moves.

4. And the 1994 film fleshed out the character’s names

For the 1994’s feature movie Street Fighter, a few of the Street Fighter’s characters got last or first names that didn’t significantly follow them to the franchise. For instance, Sagat became the famed Viktor Sagat, Chun-Li took the last name Zang, and Ryu became Ryu Hoshi. Also, the popular Guile became William F. Guile and more.


The Street Fighter II is a popular fighting game with a great history and has changed the gaming arena significantly. No you now a few facts about this game that perhaps you didn’t know.

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